climate impact forecasting for slopes
 CLIFFS  is an EPSRC-funded network based at Loughborough University aiming to bring together  academics, R&D agencies, stakeholders, consultants and climate specialists to improve  forecasting of slope instability in the context of progressive climate change



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Core partners


The CLIFFS-network is carried by a group of core partners and members. Although CLIFFS has a UK-focus, network membership is open to a anybody with an interest in the topic. Please follow the link to membership for further information.

The CLIFFS core partners are:

British Waterways

National Support Unit - Geotechnics

Kevin Pearson -

Halcrow Group Ltd

Engineering Geomorphology, Geotechnics and Materials Technology

Dr Roger Moore -

Dr Paul Fish -


University of Bristol

School of Geographical Sciences

Prof. Malcolm Anderson  -


British Geological Survey

Urban Geoscience and Geological Hazards

Prof. Martin Culshaw -


Geology,Geotechnics & Palaeontology

Pete Hobbs -

Alan Forster -

Andy Gibson -


Isle of Wight Council

Centre for the Coastal Environment

Robin McInnes -

James Houghton -


Highways Agency

Alex Kidd -

Tahar Messafer -


UK Climate Impacts Programme

Jacqui Harman -


Mott MacDonald

Tony O'Brien -

Fleur Loveridge -


University of Birmingham

Department of Civil Engineering

Prof. Chris Rogers  -


University of Newcastle

School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

Dr Stephanie Glendinning -


Nottingham Trent University

School of Property and Construction

John Greenwood  -


Imperial College London

Prof. David Potts -


Cementation Foundations Skanska Ltd

Tim Fitch -

Michael Harrington -

Kingston University

School of Engineering

Prof. Eddie Bromhead  -


Geotechnical Consulting Group/British Geotechnical Association

Tony Bracegirdle -


University of Southampton

Prof William Powrie -

Dr Derek Clarke -

Dr Joel Smethurst -



Queen's University Belfast

Department of Civil Engineering

Dr David Hughes -

Loughborough University

Dr Neil Dixon, Dr Jim Chandler, Dr Tom Dijkstra  -


core partners



British Waterways

CF Skanska



Highways Agency

Isle of Wight Council

Mott MacDonald



and Universities of:



Imperial College




Nottingham Trent

Queen's Belfast