climate impact forecasting for slopes
 CLIFFS  is an EPSRC-funded network based at Loughborough University aiming to bring together  academics, R&D agencies, stakeholders, consultants and climate specialists to improve  forecasting of slope instability in the context of progressive climate change



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Membership of the network

Joining the network

The CLIFFS-network is carried by a group of core partners and associate partners. Although CLIFFS has a UK-focus, network membership is open to a anybody with an interest in the topic. Please send a message to if you wish to be included in our member database.

CLIFFS is a multi-disciplinary network

This multi-disciplinary network provides a framework for the stimulation of discussion across traditional discipline boundaries, resulting in a synergetic environment provoking new directions of collaborative research and development.

Disciplines contributing to the study of slope response to climate include:

  • climate change,

  • hydrogeology,

  • soil mechanics,

  • engineering geology,

  • geomorphology,

  • geotechnical engineering,

  • risk assessment,

  • ground survey,

  • photogrammetry and

  • geographical information systems.

The core membership provides coverage of these key areas. Due to the complexity and multi-disciplinary nature of the research area it is planned that a number of sub-groups with their own management teams will be formed to champion specific detailed research programmes and to apply for funding.

The network will act as a forum to facilitate communication and collaboration between the large multi-disciplinary group of UK researchers working in the area of climate and slopes.

The network has been designed around an active core membership group that provides a critical mass with complementary skills. All core members will be committed to invest time and resources to make this network work.

Typically, members will attend the quarterly meetings and workshops and contribute to publications and presentations as appropriate.

The network's day to day activities will be run by a management group comprising the coordinator and administrator (based at Loughborough University) and a selected number of core members. This group will be responsible for the success of the network and will report on a regular basis to members on activities and progress.

Existing/proposed EPSRC funded projects in allied areas are represented in the network (e.g. CRANIUM, BIONICS). In addition, a link has been formed with the EU funded ECOSLOPES (Eco-engineering and Conservation of Slopes for Long-term Protection from Erosion, Landslides and Storms) project, and with the EU LIFE project Response.

A direct link to the international landslide community is provided by the involvement of Professor Bromhead who is the UK representative on the International Joint Technical Committee 1, which combines the landslide interests of ISSMGE, ISRM and IAEG. 





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British Waterways

CF Skanska



Highways Agency

Isle of Wight Council

Mott MacDonald



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Queen's Belfast