climate impact forecasting for slopes
 CLIFFS  is an EPSRC-funded network based at Loughborough University aiming to bring together  academics, R&D agencies, stakeholders, consultants and climate specialists to improve  forecasting of slope instability in the context of progressive climate change



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Far East PICNIC schedule




Part 1. Hong Kong (details provided by Tom)


8 Dec. (Saturday)        
Depart Amsterdam at 1515 on KLM flight KL 887



9 Dec. (Sunday)          
Arrive Hong Kong at 0930. Taking taxi to HKUST's Visiting Centre at Tower 2.



Accommodation for six people (six single rooms) for 9-11 Dec. has been booked at HKUST's Visiting Centre (at Tower 2). Upon arrival, we'll take taxis from the airport to the Visiting Centre. It takes about HK$350/taxi. Emergent contact phone: 62314938 (Limin Zhang). For a detailed map of the campus (and the location of Tower 2), please click here


the rooms have been booked for:

Name 1 :  Dr David Hughes

Name 2 :  Dr Paul Hughes

Name 3 :  Dr Stephanie Glendinning

Name 4 :  Dr Tom Dijkstra

Name 5 :  Dr Neil Dixon

Name 6 :  Dr Joel Smethurst

Arrival Date: 09/12/200-Departure Date: 12/12/2007


Total No. of Night(s):  6 single rooms x 3 nights = 18 nights Tower 2: single (HK$550 per night) Room charge per room: HK$1650


payment will be made in advance by QUB



10 Dec. (Monday)        
9:30 - 10:30 am, visiting Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility (guide: Dr Limin Zhang)

10:30 - 12:00 noon, visiting Geo Lab (guide: Dr Yu-Hsing Wang)


12:00 - 1:30 pm, lunch at HKUST


2:00-4:30 pm, Mini-symposium on Slope Instability in a Climate Change Context

        2:00 - 2:45 pm, 2-3 presentations by the UK team

        2:45 - 3:30 pm, 2-3 short presentations by the HKUST team

        3:30 - 4:30 pm, coffee & discussions


Evening, meeting with Mike Winter et al for dinner. Mike is staying at Island Pacific Hotel on Connaught Road West (near Sheung Wan MTR station). The best way of contacting him is via mobile no +44(0)7824 303565. He suggests an evening out in SoHo (just SE of where he is staying).




11 Dec. (Tuesday)       
still under discussion. This day is now 'free' as Halcrow and GEO cannot make it. Tom has asked Zhang Limin (HKUST) for assistance in organising a visit to a LPM site. No response yet (tue 4-12).



12 Dec. (Wednesday)  
visit to the HKGEO offices. This is being organised by David Kwok and we're awaiting detailed schedules.


Things to download and read to while away the time (NB most links go to pdf's at the CEDD site -


15/2007 Geophysical Techniques for Investigation of Slopes and Retaining Walls October 2007
14/2007 Slope Safety Technical Review Board August 2007
13/2007 Use of Explosives in Hong Kong August 2007
12/2007 Landslide Risk Management and the Role of Quantitative Risk Assessment Techniques August 2007
11/2007 GEO Emergency Service August 2007
10/2007 Consequence Classifications Used by the Geotechnical Engineering Office August 2007
09/2007 Quarries in Hong Kong August 2007
08/2007 Reduction of Landslide Risk in Man-Made Slopes from Year 2000 to 2010 June 2007
07/2007 Ecological Enhancement in Slope Works June 2007
06/2007 Surface Protection and Appearance of Slopes June 2007
05/2007 Earthquake Risk in Hong Kong May 2007
04/2007 Maintenance Audit of Government Slopes April 2007
03/2007 Unauthorized Cultivation April 2007
02/2007 Community Advisory Services for Slope Safety April 2007
01/2007 Instrumental Monitoring of Slopes February 2007
10/2006 Construction Site Safety for Landslip Preventive Measures (LPM) October 2006
09/2006 Landslide Studies by the Geotechnical Engineering Office September 2006
08/2006 Catalogue of Slopes September 2006
07/2006 Dangerous Hillside Order September 2006
06/2006 Public Education and Advisory Services on Slope Safety August 2006
05/2006 Civil Engineering Library - Public Services July 2006
04/2006 Landslip Warning System April 2006
03/2006 Disused Tunnels February 2006
02/2006 Reducing Landslide Hazards to Squatters February 2006
04/2005 Slope Safety Works on Tuen Mun Road and Castle Peak Road June 2005
03/2005 Landslide Potential Index May 2005
02/2005 Action on Old Man-made Slopes Affecting Schools under the Landslip Preventive Measures (LPM) Programme March 2005
01/2005 Rubbersoil March 2005
38/2004 Management of Natural Terrain Landslide Risk July 2004
33/2004 Complex Geological Ground Conditions in Northshore Lantau July 2004
18/2004 The Landslip Preventive Measures (LPM) Programme


more things:

- layman's guide to slope maintenance, part 1, part 2

- for information on the LPM programme click here


pm Cathay Pacific 703, Depart HK 16:50, Arrive Bangkok 18:40. Flights booked and paid for by Southampton (Joel)


download link to e-tickets for HK to BK, click here


Part 2. Thailand


12 Dec. (Wednesday)   Arrive Bangkok 18:40


Accommodation Novotel Bangkok, Siam Square                                


392/44 Siam Square Soi 6
Rama I Road Pathumwan





the rooms have been booked for:

Name 1 :                  Dr David Hughes

Name 2 :                  Dr Paul Hughes

Name 3 :                  Dr Stephanie Glendinning

Name 4 :                  Dr Tom Dijkstra

Name 5 :                  Dr Neil Dixon

Name 6 :                  Dr Joel Smethurst

Name 7 :                  Dr David Toll


Rooms have been paid for in advance by Newcastle


13 Dec. (Thursday)       

Apiniti Jotisankasa will pick us up from the Novotel at 8:30am to take us to Kasetsart in a van (minibus).



9:30 - 11:30 Workshop at Kasetsart University


1 hour for Thai speakers (perhaps Dr. Warakorn, Dr. Suttisak, Dr. Auckpath, Apiniti Jotisankasa) Topics on: landslide research in Thailand, stability problems related to highways, unsaturated soil behaviour of Thai residual soils.
1 hour for UK speakers (perhaps about 3 persons) to learn about the BIONICS research programme, as well as the UK and Singapore experience on landslide research, and behaviour of residual soils.


20 mins on Newbury (Joel)

20 mins on BIONICS (Stephanie/Paul)

10 mins on Belfast (David H)

10 mins on CLIFFS (Tom/Neil)


After lunch: Depart for Utteradit by hired van (6 hour journey)


Accommodation in Uttaradit at Seerharaj Hotel (13th and 14th)


Rooms booked for

Name 1 :                  Dr David Hughes

Name 2 :                  Dr Paul Hughes

Name 3 :                  Dr Stephanie Glendinning

Name 4 :                  Dr Tom Dijkstra

Name 5 :                  Dr Neil Dixon

Name 6 :                  Dr Joel Smethurst

Name 7 :                  Dr David Toll


Costs, $25 US per night, not paid in advance



14 Dec. (Friday)           
Visiting landslides and instrumented sites in Uttaradit


A province in the Lower North, Uttaradit has a long history developing through the years since pre-history time. The site of original town, then called Bang Pho Tha It, was located on the right bank of the Nan river. It flourished as a port for goods transportation. As a result, King Rama V elevated its status into a province and re-named it Uttaradit, literally the port of the north.


15 Dec. (Saturday)       
AM Visit old capital


Just 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Bangkok is the old capital of Ayutthaya (pronounced ah-you-tah-ya.) built in 1350 A.D. In 1991, a vast stretch of Ayuthaya's historical sites was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city became Thailand's capital in the mid-14th century and remained the capital until the late 18th century. About the time that Americans were tossing tea into Boston harbour, the Burmese attacked and sacked Ayutthaya.



PM drive back to Bangkok (arrive by 22:00) staying at Novotel Siam Square as on 12th.


16 Dec. (Sunday)         
 Transfer to Singapore via Air-Asia, depart 13:10, arrive 16:25

 Flights booked and paid for by Southampton (Joel)


Download link to e-tickets for BK to SIN click here


Part 3. Singapore


16 Dec. (Sunday)         
Accommodation:            Grand Plaza Park Hotel


Rooms booked for

Name 1 :                  Dr David Hughes                     16th-19th

Name 2 :                  Dr Paul Hughes                       16th-19th

Name 3 :                  Dr Stephanie Glendinning        16th-19th

Name 4 :                  Dr Tom Dijkstra                        16th-18th

Name 5 :                  Dr Neil Dixon                            16th-19th

Name 6 :                  Dr Joel Smethurst                    16th-19th


                                                Accommodation pre paid by Newcastle


17 Dec. (Monday)        
Expert Symposium on "Climate Change: Modelling, Impacts & Adaptations


Technical programme on website


No PICNIC speakers on Monday


18 Dec. (Tuesday)       
Expert Symposium on "Climate Change: Modelling, Impacts & Adaptations"


Speakers          Neil Dixon         8:30 9:30am

                       Stephanie          13:00-14:00


 Workshop         Paul H and DG 14:00-14:30

                        Joel S               14:30 15:00

                        Tom D               15:30 16:30

                        David H             16:30 17:30


Tom Departs, evening flight


19 Dec. (Wednesday)  
Expert Symposium on "Climate Change: Modelling, Impacts & Adaptations


No PICNIC speakers on Wednesday

Symposium closes at 16:30


PH, SG, JS, ND, DH depart on 22:50 KLM flight

Arrive Amsterdam 05:35, 20th December





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